The Perfect Hour

É Esta a Hora...! - The Perfect Hour

White and yellow room that carries a feeling of peace and relaxation, inspired by the poem "The Perfect Hour" from the portuguese author Sophia de Mello Breyner Andersen. Transporting us to a dreamlike space and feeling, Sophia de Mello Breyner is one of the most appreciated Portuguese Poets. This vintage double room follos the idea of the poem about finding the perfect time for peace of the body, mind and soul. That is exactly what this room aims to be: a little corner of relaxation and calmness. The room has a double bed with 150 cm x 200 cm. Part of Casa aOrta 2 (there are 3 other rooms for rent in the house). Casa aOrta is about 5-10 minutes walking from downtown area. Permit Number: 76596/AL


This is the perfect hour when a hush descends On our muted human murmurings And inside us finally there speaks The grave voice of indolent dreams. This is the hour when roses are the roses That flowered in the Persian gardens Where Saadi and Hafiz saw and loved them. This is the hour of the mysterious voices Chosen and summoned by my desires. This is the hour of the long conversations Held between leaf and leaf. This is the hour when time is abolished And I do not even know my own face.

We have enjoyed every second once being there! Amazing apartament and the host! 🙂 Not only the room was stylish and clean but also all of the amenities such as enormous terrace and fresh fruit were great!! Additionally, we have never had such an amazing contact with the host in any other place before. We got many valuable tips regarding places to eat and some day-trips. We truly reccomend that place! 😉
July, 2019
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