Vale da Paixão | Painter of Birds

White and red spacious double room inspired by Lídia Jorge's novel "Vale da Paixão/The Painter of Birds". The Portuguese title means literally “The Valley of Passion”. With that in mind, Lília decorated this room with light furniture, aiming slightly for a fairy-tale-like feeling. The book, however, talks about how a girl living in the Algarve dreams about her never known father that is travelling across the world and sends back home pictures of birds from every stop he makes. This is one of the 2 double rooms in Casa aOrta 1. Note that when you book a double room this or the room "Viagem a Portugal/Journey to Portugal" can be attributed to your reservation. The room has one double bed with 140 cm x 190 cm. Part of Casa aOrta 1 (there are 3 other rooms for rent in the house). Casa aOrta is about 5-10 minutes walking from downtown area. Permit Number: 184/AL


"Walter Dias’ footsteps again pause on the landing, as they did on that night when he visited his daughter; he slips off his shoes and prepares to continue up the stairs, lithe as a shadow and keeping close to the wall, and I cannot dissuade or stop him, for the simple reason that I want him to reach the last step quickly, to open the door without knocking and to cross the narrow threshold without saying a word."

This was my second time staying at Casa aOrta 1, and as before, the place was beautifully clean and comfortable with a great kitchen and outdoor space. Some useful amenities were provided eg shower gel and coffee, and the owners were very flexible and accommodating. Would definitely recommend.
March, 2023
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