More Light

Mais Luz - More Light

White and beige elegant double room with two windows, which allow more light in, reminding the title of Anthero de Quental's poem. Following this poem, the room is decorated with light furniture, to create more space and let more light in. The transparent wall between the bedroom and the bathroom is an elegant and beautiful touch that makes this room a great highlight among the rest. This is one of the 2 double rooms in Casa aOrta 2. Note that when you book a double room this or the room "É esta a Hora...!/The Perfect Hour" can be attributed to your reservation. The room has one double bed with 140 cm x 190 cm. Part of Casa aOrta 2 (there are 3 other rooms for rent in the house). Casa aOrta 2 is about 5-10 minutes walking from downtown area. Permit Number: 76596/AL


Let sodden libertines adore the night, And those who wallow in their nameless dens, And those who slink unnoticed, mute and tense, Upon the brink of some forgotten height. Thou, Luna, with thy pallid, misty light, Cover them, hide them, dull their every sense To vice's everlasting consequence, To sorrow, sharper than a serpent's bite! But I shall love the holy morning hour, And noontide, fertile in activity, And murmuring even's peaceful ebbing power. In open light let my life's work be done! Then, when death's shadow nears, still let me see The friend of heroes, the unclouded sun!

Really beautiful room, clean and close to the centre! The staff was really friendly, there was cakes waiting for us every morning and the terrace was big & beautiful!
July, 2019
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