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We're most of the time at Casa aOrta 1 on our working hours: Faro, Rua Ataíde de Oliveira, 49


How many Casas aOrta there is?
We have 4 typical houses in Faro. 3 of them in a quiet neighbourhood about 10 minutes walking from downtown Faro (Casa aOrta 1 and Casa aOrta 2 and Casa aOrta Studios). The other Casa aOrta called Casa aOrta Downtown) is right in the downtown area.
Do we need a car in Faro?
You don’t need a car to get around in Faro. This is a small city and all the main attractions are easily reachable by foot or by bus. However, if you plan to travel across the Algarve, a car may be useful, since a few beautiful place are difficult to reach with public transports. With a car there is much more freedom in planning your trip. If you can’t rent a car or don’t want to, don’t worry! The public transport network in the Algarve is very accessible. You can choose from trains, buses, taxis and Uber or even boats.
How is parking around Casa aOrta?
Parking in the streets in Faro is safe. Around Casa aOrta 1, 2 and Studios, it is free to park and there’s usually some spots around the streets of the houses where you can park. It shouldn’t be a problem, just make sure you don’t park on the yellow lines or in front of garages. If you’re looking to park around Casa aOrta Downtown, the parking is paid there, but there are two squares near by where it is free to park: 1) Largo da Mouras Velhas (about 2 minutes walking distance). 2) Largo de S. Francisco (about 5 minutes walking distance).
How can I get from Faro Airport to Casa aOrta?
As for coming from the airport, there are many options:
• Bus number 14 stops close to our place (bus stop “Liceu”). From there, downhill, you need to walk 3 min
• Bus 16 to the Terminal (last stop). From there, you take about 10-15 minutes to get to our place, but a part of the way is uphill. So, if you’re carrying heavy luggage, it may be a bit hard. This one is the most frequent one: about one bus per hour until about midnight. Bus fare is about 2,50€/person
• Taxi or Uber. It takes about 15 minutes to get here and costs about 10-15€.